The world you know is not the world you can discover

“The most contrarian thing of all is not to oppose the crowd but to think for yourself.”
Peter Thiel
What We Do

New Ways of Thinking

Transcend the Conventional

Vision Transform (VXF)  is the revolutionary intensive program that breaks out of the frameworks and matrices of the conventional and opens up new ways of thinking.

Abstract Wisdom

Explore a New Universe

Leveraging the most abstract and esoteric wisdom from the ages and bringing it down to earth in an actionable, understandable program we distill what is missing from the STEM worldview and uncover a cosmos of new possibility.

Focused Action

Hone in on the What

Integrating the novel perspective achieved via introspection and re-examination of the possibilities allows the focusing of concrete plans to translate conceptions on to reality – building the new.


Your Journey


What are you trying to do?

As a founder you have a mission for your startup, or better yet, you are defining your startup a plan with a mission in mind. Have you thoroughly investigated the underpinnings of the mission and examined the ramifications of success? Words matter.


Why are you doing it?

You know something’s missing that you (and your company) can deliver. The closer you can get to the source of inspiration, the better you can get at seeing and shaping a future.

Ground your truth in reality. Bend reality to your truth.


How will you succeed?

Delving into underlying assumptions of mission can redefine in more succinct and powerful ways the direction of your company, sharpening your strategic edge during execution. Combining technical skill, clarity of mission, and emotional investment will create a holistic drive that is more than the sum of its parts.

About Us

Who we are

“There are many more secrets in the world that are waiting to be found.” - Peter Thiel

New Vision & Hidden Wisdom

Welcome to Vision Transform – this program offers the distillation and synthesis of millennia of great thought for you to struggle through, and revolutionize your access through that struggle. In just eight sessions of intensive lectures and readings, VXF Foundation arms your creative possibility space with an entirely new grounding in fundamental philosophy and possibility, not a shortcut, but a focused and accelerated path to get you there (instead of a four year degree in the topic). We are excited to see where this new start will take you.  



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Founding as a Way of Being

Is being a founder a job? Is it a type of person? Both? We will re-examine the foundation of what it means to be to resolve this separation, to synthesize a novel approach to the question that opens up a new interpretation of founders and founding.

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Power and Purpose

Machiavelli reduced all to power and taught princes to play the game of power ruthlessly, with cunning. What does this perspective illuminate? What does it obscure? How does an appreciation of the importance and techniques of power play into a higher purpose? 

If you aren’t playing power for an end, then power is playing you.

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Truth, Value & Time

Are you dedicating yourself to creating value? Who defines what value really is? How does your vision of the future delineate your assessments of value in the present? We combine the insights of epistemology, logic, and ontology to go beyond the boundaries of ordinary vocabulary.

VisionXForm Foundation

VisionXForm Foundation is a transformative online training program for entrepreneurs that leverages the abstract and esoteric wisdom of the ages to enrich STEM-based ways of thinking with new methods of value creation. It consists of an 8-lesson, 52-module course that goes beyond traditional applications of philosophy to business, such as business ethics and Stoicism, towards often unexplored, but profound topics, including fundamental ontology, the history of political philosophy, non-classical logic, and mysticism.


Michael Millerman is an award-winning philosophy scholar. His research focuses on what it means to think philosophically about politics, beyond the received categories that have become established orthodoxies in the post-war West. He is the author of Beginning with Heidegger: Strauss, Derrida, Rorty, Dugin and The Philosophical Constitution of the Political and one of the world’s leading experts on “the most dangerous philosopher in the world,” Alexander Dugin, several of whose books Michael has translated.

Michael became interested in entrepreneurship after discovering academic limitations on free philosophical inquiry and experiencing cancellation for his interest in post-liberal political theory. A highly regarded and in-demand teacher who finds his deepest satisfaction in studying and discussing great thinkers with students, Michael founded the Millerman School, an online school that offers high quality instruction in the foundational texts and great debates of political philosophy.

Michael holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Toronto, where he was awarded the prestigious Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Graduate Scholarship. He completed his BA in Philosophy at the University of British Columbia, where he also received numerous awards. His work has been published in Telos Journal, Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy, The International Journal of Political Theory, and elsewhere. Michael has been interviewed on several well-known podcasts, including The Big Ideas Podcast with Erik Torenberg, as well as in print (Chronicles Magazine, National Post).

Iosif M. Gershteyn is a serial entrepreneur who has battle-tested philosophies in the context of founding companies over the course of his career, one spanning diverse industries and cultures. Coming from a background of professional asset management, he has been an entrepreneur for over a decade in the technology and biotechnology spaces. He is currently the CEO of ImmuVia LLC (oncology therapeutics), Senior Fellow at the Abigail Adams Institute, 2022 Fellow in Cellular Therapeutics at the Foresight Institute, Visiting Research Scholar at the Medical University of South Carolina, and has been active in bridging the divide between the humanities and STEM.

Iosif’s work on computational immunology, centrally with the novel Immunodietica project, has been published in International Immunology, the Journal of Translational Autoimmunity, Researchers.One, Quillette, and other outlets. He has given lectures at the Higher School of Economics on Entrepreneurship, and has taught the seminar ‘Love & Lust in Lab & Literature’ at the Abigail Adams Institute in Cambridge focusing on cross-disciplinary approaches to an existential philosophy of love through the prism of classical literature.  

Iosif is a graduate of Brandeis University, International Business School, Quantic School of Business and Technology, as well as a Fulbright-Hayes Scholar at Lomonosov State University, he holds certificates from the Real World Risk Institute, GITIS and Wolfram Summer School.

VisionXForm Foundation

VisionXForm (VXF) Foundation offers the distillation and synthesis of millennia of great thought for you to struggle through and revolutionizes your access through that struggle. In just eight sessions of lectures and readings, VXF arms your creative possibility space with an entirely new grounding in fundamental philosophy.

We are excited to see where this new start will take you.

VXF Foundation changed my life – it connected me to my word in a totally new way that has been priceless both in bolstering my ability to succeed and ensuring that my work is personally meaningful and valuable for the world.
Konstantin Starikov
PhD Instructor, Boston University

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